Dropbox makes it easy for workmates to edit Office files

In November, Dropbox users gained the ability to edit Office files from within inside the app, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft. Now, the company has launched its first set of Project Harmony tools so that groups of workmates can take advantage of that feature -- but only if they're Business users part of Dropbox's early access program. These features, which were first previewed when the company started letting users link their business and personal accounts, can make team projects, well, more bearable than usual.

Each Word, Excel or Powerpoint file now comes with a Dropbox "badge" on the margin, and clicking it reveals options that shows each user who else is editing. It also shows if the other person has saved a newer version and includes an option to generate a link without having to leave the document, spreadsheet or presentation. Dropbox didn't mention anything about a wider release, but seeing as the company calls these tools the "first phase" of Project Harmony, it probably has more in store to help prevent workplace tiffs.