This DIY hoverboard combines ingenuity and four leaf blowers

Let's all just be honest here for a moment: Who among us hasn't wanted to strap an array of leaf blowers to our feet in hopes that we could float in mid-air. Oh. No? Well then, at least one person saw the untapped potential of those raucous foliage movers. According to CNET's Crave blog, Austin, Texas-based maker Ryan Craven got caught up in the commotion surrounding the heart-crushingly fake HUVr and decided to make his own using some elbow grease and those off-the-shelf yardwork tools.

Long story short, those four leaf blowers blast air into a rubbery skirt flecked with a series of small holes that focus those molecules in motion down at the ground. The holes are placed just so to allow a cushion of air to lift the entire package -- including a full-grown man atop it -- above the surface of the ground, if only just. Sound familiar? It should -- Craven's Mr. Hoverboard is essentially just a tiny hovercraft you can (precariously) stand on. Fine, it isn't quite as technically impressive as the $10,000 hoverboard the folks at Hendo are working on, but hey -- you don't need a floor made of nonferrous metals to get Craven's creation moving. You can find the full instructions here, if you're brave enough to do what few folk have done before. If you're not, that's cool too: Just watch the video below for more.