WRUP: HDMI converter for GOTY

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Welcome back to Massively's What Are You Playing, the game in which we tell you what we're playing this weekend and you tell us why we should be playing HDMI converter.

Anatoli Ingram, Columnist

@ceruleangrey: I'm playing Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV, as usual. I also got my wife hooked on Pokemon, so I've been tutoring her on how to feed them and play with them and mold them into little killing machines.

Bree Royce, Editor-in-Chief

@nbrianna/blog: Inspired by Justin, I've compiled a list of the games I really want to take a look at during the holidays. I probably won't bust through them all, and some of them I'll probably discard after 30 minutes as worth the $2 I paid during a sale and little more, but so far I've poked my head into Wakfu and Marvel Heroes, plus a ton of single-player titles from Steam, and I've been pleasantly surprised. I'll also be leveling in my usual duo in World of Warcraft.

Eliot Lefebvre, Contributing Editor

@Eliot_Lefebvre/blog: I've got a new Medium house in Final Fantasy XIV, more money to earn there, and my last (visible) piece of Ironworks gear to pick up. Also, there's still a lot left to be done in Dragon Age: Inquisition. So that's my focus.

Justin Olivetti, Contributing Editor

@Sypster/blog: Guild Wars 2 has been beckoning me back, so I'm going to be dusting off my Necromancer and seeing how the story is shaping up there. I'd also like to dive in deep to The Secret World's Issue 10 now that my character isn't completely tripping over herself in Tokyo (curse you, AEGIS!).

Mike Foster, Contributing Editor

@MikedotFoster/blog: I'll be Priesting it up in World of Warcraft for Choose My Adventure. If I have some extra time, I may try to put some levels on my FFXIV White Mage. Lots and lots of heals!

MJ Guthrie, Contributing Editor

@MJ_Guthrie/blog: I built my farmhouse in ArcheAge, so I am experimenting with aesthetically pleasing yet still efficient planting configurations. I am also gearing up for a slew of trading runs, both on land and over seas. I'll also be spending more time in Tokyo (here's hoping The Secret World's story mission bug I have gets resolved!). Come Sunday, I will be spending a bit of time wandering Landmark and soaking up the final images of the game at its current stage in preparation for Monday's mobs and caverns! I am so excited for Monday!

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