Elite: Dangerous' launch-day roundup


Successfully Kickstarted just over two years ago, David Braben's space MMO Elite: Dangerous formally launched early this morning, a rare buy-to-play entry in the MMO market and one of the most high-profile Kickstarter MMOs to actually reach launch to date. If you're heading to the comments right now to inform us that Elite isn't an MMO because of its single-player mode, know that the tide's against you; even Frontier, in the midst of controversy over the cancelation of its originally promised offline mode, justified that decision because Elite is an MMO and "technically [...] always has been."

Elite: Dangerous won Massively's Most Underrated MMO of the year by a hair just last week. Check out the launch trailer and our roundup of the best Elite news, streams, and hands-on articles by the Massively staff below!

Nifty news and trailers

Elite: Dangerous is due for zero more wipes, releases launch trailer
If you weren't clear on whether Elite: Dangerous has launched yet, prepare to remain slightly unclear. Frontier's Edward Lewis has clarified that the gamma 2 test phase open to backers will not be wiped prior to next week's official launch.

Elite newsletter talks new ships, Voyager 2
Frontier has emailed the 53rd edition of its Elite: Dangerous newsletter. It features everything from Voyager 2 to the new Adder and Lakon Type 7 player ships to a bit of lore and the usual community chatter.

Frontier teases Elite: Dangerous trailer, gives away old-school Elite for Mac
Frontier has published newsletter #52 for Elite: Dangerous. It contains a bit of lore, a sneak peek at the game's newest trailer, and a nifty offer for Mac users in the form of the original 1984 Elite game.

Braben says Elite: Dangerous' December 16th launch date is 'sensible'
Frontier's David Braben has announced that Elite: Dangerous will launch on PC on December 16th.Braben told Eurogamer that a game is "launch-ready when it is a great game," in spite of the flaws those close to the title might still see.

Elite gets release pricing
Elite: Dangerous is still on track for a Q4 2014 launch. As such, Frontier today revealed the sci-fi sandbox's launch pricing plan as well as a pre-order option.

Elite: Dangerous explores the path of... exploring
So what do you want to do in Elite: Dangerous? Do you want to get into space dogfights? Build up a trade empire? Or do you really just want to accelerate to high speeds, jump out into the unexplored portions of space, and start seeing what's there?

Elite: Dangerous prepares for beta 2, official app release
With Elite: Dangerous' first beta test now a thing of the past, it's time for the team to reflect and prepare for the next round of hot plasma space action.

Elite's Beta 1 starts today; here's the latest trailer
Frontier has released its Beta 1 build of Elite: Dangerous. It covers a greatly expanded 38,000 cubic light-year volume of Elite: Dangerous' accurately modeled Milky Way galaxy centered around the Boötes constellation.

Elite's expansions to include planetary landing, ship interiors
Frontier's latest newsletter for Elite: Dangerous talks post-launch plans for the sci-fi space sim sandbox. Launch is currently scheduled for sometime in Q4 of 2014, after which Frontier will continue to expand the game.

Elite: Dangerous aims to be future-proof
Time is not always kind to video games -- especially MMOs. So Frontier Developments decided to plan ahead by future proofing its sci-fi space MMO Elite: Dangerous.

Braben says Frontier 'would be stupid not to' look at Elite on consoles
Frontier is considering console versions of Elite: Dangerous."I don't want to do something that constitutes an announcement," studio boss David Braben said, "but we would be stupid not to support other platforms, including console.

Visit every system in the Milky Way in Elite: Dangerous
Well kiss our cultured grits: We've now lived to see the day in which the New Yorker has devoted an article to an MMO. The magazine commented on the techniques that Elite: Dangerous is using to map out its replication of the Milky Way.

David Braben explains Elite's high prices
If you looked at the £200 alpha and £100 premium beta price tag for Elite: Dangerous and thought, wow, that's pretty damn expensive, you're not alone.

Braben discusses Elite's GTA successors and friendly competition with Star Citizen
Space sims are in vogue again, thanks in large part to crowdfunded darlings like Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen. Prior to the past couple of years, though, the genre was basically dead in the water aside from occasional indie gems.

A video interview with Elite: Dangerous' David Braben
GDC 2014 in San Francisco is a great time to catch developers and ask them burning questions about their games. And that's exactly what one fan of Elite: Dangerous did, sitting down with Frontier Developments' CEO David Braben for a long chat about the upcoming MMO edition to the Elite franchise.

You should watch this Elite: Dangerous trailer
In space, no one can hear you scream, but funnily enough they can hear explosions, laser blasts, and engine noise. Which is fantastic, of course, particularly in the case of the latest Elite: Dangerous trailer.

Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments is set to go public
Frontier Developments, known around these parts as the studio behind crowdfunding success story Elite: Dangerous, is about to enter a different brave new world: that of the London Stock Exchange.

Elite: Dangerous is well and truly Kickstarted
Elite: Dangerous fans can breathe easy -- the game has hit its £1,250,000 goal with more than two days to spare. While that's excellent news for the folks at Frontier Developments, they're not resting on their laurels.

Frontier releases the very first Elite: Dangerous trailer
UK-based Frontier has released the first Elite: Dangerous teaser trailer as its crowdfunding project nears the two-weeks-remaining mark. Eurogamer reports that Elite needs approximately £30,000 per day for the next 15 days in order to meet its £1.

David Braben is kickstarting a new multiplayer Elite sequel
Elite and its sequel Frontier: Elite II were arguably two of the most influential early space games ever made. They dropped the player into an immense sci-fi sandbox with just a tiny ship and a handful of credits.

The offline-mode controversy

Elite: Dangerous has no offline mode for story reasons
Frontier Developments head honcho David Braben has been working overtime to defend the 11th-hour revelation that Elite: Dangerous will have no offline play option.

Elite: Dangerous considers granting even more refunds
Elite: Dangerous might grant refunds to more people than originally thought. Last week, Frontier admitted that it had canceled a planned offline mode for the game. Limited refunds will be given to some preorder customers but not all backers.

Elite: Dangerous has begun issuing refunds over offline play debacle
Elite: Dangerous' latest newsletter has arrived, and predictably, Q&A about the game's recently canceled offline mode dominate the post. David Braben reiterates his statements that the single-player mode will still be accessible, just online-only.

Braben clarifies Elite: Dangerous' lack of an offline mode
When fans were told that Elite: Dangerous will not feature an offline mode, they were a little upset, considering it had been one of the explicit promises made during the game's Kickstarter campaign.

Elite: Dangerous won't feature offline play after all
Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier has seemingly reneged on an earlier promise to deliver an offline version of its popular spacefaring title.

Massively hands-on

Living and dying in the Elite: Dangerous gamma build
When we last looked at Elite: Dangerous during August's Choose My Adventure, the game was in a barebones beta format with just a few of its promised eventual features.

Basically Han Solo in Elite: Dangerous
When Elite: Dangerous eventually launches, there will be two types of pilots cruising its vast expanses: quiet, peaceful types who enjoy exploring and destructive, violent types who prefer interacting with other players via pulse lasers.

Exploring exploration via Elite: Dangerous
Being an explorer is overrated. Sure, Lewis and Clark are remembered as bold adventurers who set out across the untamed American west, charting charts and mapping maps and becoming famous along the way.

I am Elite: Dangerous
Space is not a very good place for people to hang out. Humans have a specific list of things that are needed for survival, and space is in a continual state of being fresh out of all of them.

It's lonely out in Elite: Dangerous
In 1990, hurtling across the edge of our solar system at around 40,000 miles per hour, NASA's Voyager 1 space probe performed a quick rotation and snapped a parting photograph of the planet on which it had been conceived, built, and launched.

Hands-on with Elite: Dangerous and the Oculus Rift at E3 2014
Is it possible that a hands-on demo of Elite: Dangerous and a talk with Frontier Development's Adam Woods, producer, and David Braben, CEO, would make a space sim fan out of me?

Hands-on with the Elite: Dangerous alpha
I don't have much history with Elite. I played the original, circa 1985 on my dad's green monochrome Apple II, but frankly I didn't understand a bit of it and subsequently went back to Sundog and subLOGIC's fledgling wireframe Flight Simulator as a result.

Massively livestreams

The Stream Team: Elite Dangerous returns
Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous has just entered Beta 3 or Gamma 1 or some other pre-launch version of itself, and Massively's Mike Foster is all set to fire up his Sidewinder and fling himself into parts unknown to see exactly what's new.

The Stream Team: Black market dealings in Elite: Dangerous
Massively's Mike Foster has spent the last two weeks investigating the friendlier and more legal areas of Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous.

The Stream Team: Going deep in Elite: Dangerous
Massively's Mike Foster is a big fan of space exploration, which is why in this Elite: Dangerous stream, he's going to see what the game's current beta has to offer in terms of venturing into the great unknown.

The Stream Team: Getting spacey with Elite: Dangerous
What happens when you take a space sim rookie, strap him into a starship, and tell him he's free to explore the stars as he pleases? Discover the answer to just that question with Mike in the current beta build of Elite: Dangerous.

The Stream Team: Seeking danger in Elite: Dangerous
You don't have to be an ace pilot in Elite: Dangerous to enjoy flying, as Massively's MJ can certainly attest. She's hopping back in her cockpit and is ready to take on those nefarious waste containers!

The Stream Team: Exploring Elite: Dangerous' Premium Beta 2
After experiencing Elite: Dangerous with an Oculus Rift at E3, Massively's MJ became a new fan of space sims, and she's been looking forward to getting back in the cockpit.