'Light Cocoon' is a fabric-wrapped concept car with a 3D-printed skeleton

German firm EDAG Engineering regularly conjures up both futuristic and wacky concept cars, just like the "Light Cocoon" pictured above slated to be showcased at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The company calls it the "ultimate in future lightweight construction," because it doesn't have the typical automobile shell. Instead, it has a 3D-printed skeleton covered in tough weatherproof fabric called Texapore Softshell that's apparently four times lighter than copy paper. (And yes, it has backlighting -- the whole design was just asking for it.) EDAG says this unusual sports car design was inspired by leaves, which have veins supporting layers of epidermis and mesophyll, as any grade school student can tell you. However, this isn't the first fabric-covered concept car we've seen. In 2008, BMW revealed the GINA Light Visionary concept that's essentially the Batmobile with a carbon fiber and metal frame wrapped in textile.