Marvel vs. Capcom Origins leaving online storefronts soon

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is retiring from online storefronts later this year, in the hopes of living a normal life free from superpowers, arch-villains and all that fun stuff.

Capcom announced the crossover compilation goes off sale from PSN on December 23 and XBLA on December 31. The publisher didn't explain why it's delisting the Xbox 360 and PS3 game, but expired licensing wouldn't be a giant leap of speculation.

The 2012 double pack is currently on sale for $15, offering Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel Super Heroes in updated forms, courtesy of Divekick studio Iron Galaxy. The upgrades present include HD visuals, new graphic filters, online spectator modes and replay saves.

To see how Origins holds up (while it's still holding up), check out our deja review.

[Image: Capcom]