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Sunday Morning Funnies: To Migraineland


Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A protest. A technical term. A baby. An extra in an '80s movie. Pants! Plus: Sparcle is rocking new goggles!

If you missed us last week, you may notice that we have a new comic on the list! It's called Questing Comics, and is relatively new, with fifteen pages up so far. Check it out!

Also on the list this week is an MMO-related comic from Zombie Roomie, submitted by JereHunter, who wasn't sure how I felt about jokes involving long raids and bio breaks (or lack thereof). Bring 'em on.

In other news, Contested Territory is running a Christmas special this week, and putting forth a proposal for 2015. Definitely check it out! Aside from the awesome backgrounds, the fashion, and the fun look at some of the gnome poses, I love the idea, and I love how Trig connected it to Christmas instead of New Year's resolutions.

Finally, Lackinganame has issued a trivia question. Who can guess the reference on Praise the Sun, the second update of Gratz Solace featured last week?