LG's Sonos-fighting WiFi speakers add a battery powered option

The race to CES continues, and today we're saying hello to the 2015 generation of LG's Music Flow WiFi speakers. Last seen at the IFA trade show in Europe, the big addition this time around is its first battery-powered model, the H4. While Bluetooth speakers are a dime-a-dozen, LG claims that its approach -- linking the speakers via WiFi -- means users can keep streaming music from their phone, even when a call comes in, for example, or stream directly from any supported services. Sonos gained a direct WiFi link with its upgrade a few months ago, but this Music Flow setup (and related control app for Android or iOS) has been in the works from LG for a while. There are three other WiFi speakers and upgraded WiFi soundbars coming to the show in Las Vegas too, and hopefully when we see them there will be price tags attached.