The best 'Star Wars' role-playing game is finally on Android

Attention, meatbags: If you somehow missed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic the first three times it was released, now might be your chance to finally fix that. How so? Well, BioWare's excellent role-playing game set in a galaxy far, far away is now available for Android devices. What's more, it's $5 on Google Play at the moment and, like the game's iOS counterpart, controller compatible as well. Given its complexities, you'll likely want to play it on a device with a sizable bit of screen real-estate. Regardless of just how big the Galaxy Note 4 is, however, things still might get a little cramped. Maybe living out your Light (or Dark) side fantasies on an NVIDIA Shield gizmo might be a bit more comfortable instead. Early Play Store reviews note that it's running pretty well on a variety of 'droids (including the two year-old Nexus 4), so maybe now is the time to find out what having a wookie life-debt is like.