Vudu's digital movie library is rebuilt and easier to use on iOS

If you're unwrapping the inevitable flood of Blu-ray gifts (hopefully no DVDs), it may be worth giving that digital copy code a second look. The movie studios' Ultraviolet scheme has been unwieldy (at best) since launch, but several upgrades have made it easier to use, and the Vudu store specifically is getting better at bringing your movies to whatever device you own. Its latest upgrade is much-needed UI refresh, which launched on many set-top boxes (PlayStation, Roku, Blu-ray players etc.) last month, and has now arrived for the iPhone and iPad.

The revamped UI makes it easier to sort your movies and TV shows, search through them and keep track of which ones you've already watched. All that, while keeping features like downloading for offline viewing and Chromecast support. Now that Vudu has made adding movies to your library easier -- if they're purchased at Walmart, all you have to do is use the store's app to scan the receipt -- and added a link to Disney Movies Anywhere (joining Google Play and iTunes), there's more reasons than ever to try it out. Unless of course you want to watch The Interview -- it doesn't have that yet, but we probably won't have to wait long before watching the flick on one of its Spark dongles.