City of Titans shows off socketed model

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.29.14

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City of Titans shows off socketed model
city of titans
There's a long way to go before City of Titans reaches the superheroic heights of its spiritual forebears, but the team is eager nonetheless to show that progress is being made. That's why it's putting on a 12 Days of Devmas series, kicking off with the revelation of the fully socketed body model that the team is using for testing purposes.

"Odo's an artist's model we're using while we continue to develop the base body mesh," the team posted. "He lets us continue work on the rest of the game while we develop the sliders and other parts that make the characters super. Of course, you'll notice he still has every joint that the final character will have. Fingers and all. He's the digital version of a wooden artist's mannequin, with all the flexibility of our real model."

In successive posts of the series, Odo is shown with various weapons including a slide rule and keytar.

[Thanks to Bryan for the tip!]
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