iPhones and iPads made up over half of devices activated on Christmas

Apple's still the king of Christmas when it comes to gadgets, but new holiday data reveals some intriguing new trends. iPhones and iPads accounted for over half (51 percent) of new devices activated during Christmas week, but Microsoft's Lumia devices actually made a decent showing as well with the third place spot (5.8 percent of activations), according to mobile analytics firm Flurry. Samsung, naturally, came in second with 18 percent of activations, while Sony and LG just barely made it into the top four with under 2 percent each. Both Samsung and Android remain the top smartphone maker and platform overall, respectively, but the holidays seem to indicate that, for most consumers, if you want to get someone a nice gift you're more likely to go Apple.

"...For every Samsung device that was activated, Apple activated 2.9 devices," wrote Jarah Euston, VP of analytics and marketing at Flurry. "For every Microsoft Lumia device activated, Apple activated 8.8 devices."

This year also saw a big jump in "phablet" activations (devices larger than 5.5 inches, but smaller than seven inches) during the holiday period. While Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 assuredly had something to do with that, the equally large iPhone 6 Plus played an even bigger part: It was one of the top 5 devices activated during Christmas. Altogether, 13 percent of devices activated were phablets (compared to a measly 4 percent last year). Not surprisingly, the rise of phablets is also eating into large tablet activations, which fell from 17 percent in 2013 to 11 percent this year.