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Sonic Team's Sonic Runners announced for smartphones

The next game from the hedgehog hive mind of Sonic Team is Sonic Runners, and it's coming to smartphones next year. Sega producer Takashi Iizuka announced the game at a Sonic fan event in Tokyo, and Famitsu says more details will spill next month. For now we just have the name, dev, platform and 2015 window - and no word either way on a Western release.

Sonic Team's last hog roast was Sonic: Lost World back in 2013, and since then the venerable studio's pumped out Puyo Puyo Tetris in Japan. It did supervise work on 2014's Sonic Booms, but they were chiefly developed by American teams Big Red Button and Sanzaru Games.

We may yet see something more sizable starring Sonic next year. Earlier this year a German toy fair promo seemed to let the hedgehog out of the bag, noting a new Sonic game for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U in 2015. Sega quickly stepped in to denounce the info as "incorrect."

While the Sonic Runners news wasn't much to go on, it did offer us the perfect opportunity to use the bizarre sonicrunninglikeanidiot tumblr - we kind of had to. We went with a gif drawn by professional Sonic comic artist Tyson Hesse, but there were more... curious animations...

[Images: Famitsu, Tyson Hesse, via sonicrunninglikeanidiot]