Samsung just added a 360-degree video store to its VR headset

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Samsung just added a 360-degree video store to its VR headset

Since launch in early December, the virtual reality headset released by Samsung and Oculus VR has received a steady drip of new content. Each Tuesday, a handful of new apps launches for Gear VR -- new games (Temple Run!), new experiences (a Paul McCartney performance!). Thus far, nothing's been spectacular enough to remark about; the overall selection of content, gaming or otherwise, is still on the light side. This week changes that, with the release of "Milk VR."

The free app from Samsung contains a healthy dose of new 360-degree video content, in both streaming and downloadable format. The actual selection of videos is available on a Samsung website of the same name, right here. It's not exactly a flood of videos, but it's a hell of a lot more than the small sample packed in at launch.

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What's most interesting about the app is how it works: you slide your finger forward or backward on Gear VR's touchpad, always keeping your finger attached to the headset. The video choices swirl around you on a cycle, and you can look up to select specific categories ("Fresh", "Trending", "Planet VR", etc.). I'd love to point you to a demo, but there's still no way to capture footage inside of Gear VR (not that we've figured out, anyway). That said, if you've got a Gear VR headset and the required Note 4 smartphone, downloading the (free, small) Milk VR app is a no-brainer. You'll be jumping out of a plane in no time!

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