SpotCam is a capable Wi-Fi camera for your home

SpotCam is a new entrant in the cloud-based home webcam parade. The U.S. $149.99 camera has easy setup and features like sound monitoring, plus the ability to speak to the camera remotely and have the camera speaker play it.


Body 4.8cm(1.89") × 14.8cm(5.83")
Weight: 198g(6.37oz)
Power Input: 12V1A
Video: Up to 720P HD(1280x720) at 30 frame/sec
Streaming: H.264 encoding
Field of View: 110 degrees (diagonal)
Audio: Speaker and microphone
Night Vision: 12 High-power IR LEDs


The SpotCam is a white upright cylindrical camera with a swivel base. When you get the camera you can download the companion free iOS app, or you can view the camera from any web browser after setting up a free account.


Installation was easy. The camera plugs into a power source and using the iOS app you link it to your home Wi-Fi network. Enter your account credentials and you are ready to go. Video is good quality, but the wide-field of the camera will slightly warp the edges of the frame. I could hear audio using the app, but it had a bit of static. Likewise, when talking from the app to the camera the audio wasn't of the best quality as the camera has a pretty small speaker.

The camera is free to use with no other charges. You can view the camera in real time or get motion or audio detection notifications through email or the iOS app. The app lets you store 1 day of video at no charge. An additional paid service provides different levels of video storage if you want to save video from any event the camera picks up and go back in time to view it. Those packages start at $3.99 and top out at $19.99 a month.


SpotCam is a competent performer at a price similar to other hardware/software packages on offer. People thinking of home monitoring systems can also consider something like iCam, which is an inexpensive iOS app that let's you choose the webcam you want to use. It supports multiple cameras and notifications on motion or audio. Dropcam is another option, although it is pricier for monthly storage of video.

SpotCam was easy to set up and easy to use. It's worth considering if you are looking to set up a webcam in your home.