Working adults are too busy emailing to care about social media

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This new Pew Research survey might explain why the most active people in your Facebook friends list are your grandparents and selfie-loving high school cousin. The research firm asked over a thousand adults online what role technology plays in their work lives, and according to the results, those who have jobs find internet connection and email the most important tools for communication. For some reason, landline phones outrank cellphones and smartphones, while social media occupies the very last place.

Most of these internet-savvy workers also don't find their gadgets and online accounts distracting. In fact, almost half of the participants say those tools make them more productive -- perhaps because they make it possible for people to do their jobs outside the workplace, which, as you probably know, isn't always ideal. The survey delved into other aspects of internet use by working adults (it even confirmed that companies now have stricter rules when it comes to what employees can and can't post online), and you can read the full results on Pew Research's website.

[Image credit: Alamy]