Police reportedly arrest UK hacker behind gaming network attacks

Lizard Squad probably shouldn't have bragged about being impossible to track following its cyberattacks against the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. According to both The Daily Dot and a Thames Valley Police report, law enforcement arrested alleged group member Vinnie Omari on December 29th -- not for the gaming network attacks themselves, but for stealing from PayPal accounts. Omari says that the cops haven't pressed formal charges (they released him on bail), but they also confiscated all his computing devices and storage to gather evidence.

It's not certain just how closely Omari is connected to the attacks. Lizard Squad isn't saying anything about the investigation other than to make fun of security guru Brian Krebs, who posted a copy of the bail document. However, Omari's arrest comes hot on the heels of the hacking outfit acknowledging that Finnish police caught another purported member, "ryan" (nicknamed Ryan Cleary). If they're the right people, Lizard Squad is definitely starting 2015 on a sour note -- much to the delight of gamers who just want to play online without any rude surprises.

[Image credit: Jean-Jacques Boujot, Flickr]