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Breakfast Topic: Hey, that was mine!

Being a massively multiplayer game means that you often have to deal with other people in World of Warcraft. Sometimes this is good fun, as you join people for groups and help one another with quests, dungeons, or PvP. But other times the people we play with are a source of annoyance and frustration. A particular point of frustration is the player who zooms over to grab herbs, skins, ore, quest items, or the like before you managed to get to them. Sure, you don't actually have a claim to them until you click to loot them, but now and again you'll run into players who will zip in while you're fighting a mob, loot the thing you were fighting the mob to get, and then zip away again.

Sometimes, however, I wonder if I'm guilty of doing this myself, simply because sometimes I might be farming herbs while watching TV or otherwise not paying a ton of attention. So I when people grab an ore node I was meaning to grab, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, occasionally you'll run into someone who removes all doubt by following you around or, more annoyingly, taunting you whenever they grab something first. When this happens to me, I usually decide my farming is done for the day -- but what about you, readers? How do you cope with loot-happy players?

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