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Irrational Games Career Day attended by 57 studios

New details about the downsizing of Irrational Games, as reported by Game Informer, reveal that 70 Irrational employees and five contract workers were let go during the studio's recent round of layoffs. The report states that Irrational's self-hosted recruitment day to find work for its excess talent was attended by 57 studios.

A tweet from Irrational co-founder Ken Levine listed Gearbox, Turtle Rock Studios, BioWare and Retro Studios among the recruitment day's patrons. Sony Santa Monica's Aaron Kaufman responded to Levine's tweet to note that the God of War series developer would also be in attendance, a studio which recently suffered its own layoffs and canceled a new IP.

Levine's initial announcement revealed that Irrational would be cut to a team of 15. The associated layoffs spawned an initiative on social media to find new work for Irrational's employees, an effort that preceded Irrational's recruiting day. As for the Bioshock series itself, Levine's announcement regarding the layoffs added that series publisher 2K Games will be "handling the reins" of the universe while Levine focuses on replayable, narrative-driven experiences.
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