Montblanc has an 'e-Strap' to make its luxury watches smarter

Smartwatches continue to grow in popularity, but if you prefer a high-end mechanical timepiece instead, Montblanc has a way to still get the tech, too. A Blog to Watch reports the luxury watchmaker announced an optional e-Strap that'll equip its Timewalker Urban Speed Collection. The add-on brings the usual activity tracking, notifications, music controls, remote camera trigger and more that we've become accustomed to with wrist-worn wearables. The module and its 0.9-inch monochromatic OLED touchscreen resides on the underside of your wrist, secured by a leather strap, connecting to your trusty iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Speaking of phones, there's a companion app to tally all of the data, and Montblanc says wearers can expect five days of use before needed to recharge. No word on when it'll arrive, but the watch itself ranges from €2,990 up to €4,690 (about $3,319 to $5,675), that bit of tech on the band is said to add another €250 (around $300).