Smart coffee maker brews your next cup right when you get home

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Smart coffee maker brews your next cup right when you get home

Sure, you can get connected coffee makers, but they tend to brew whole pots (or multiple cups). What if you just want a hot cup o' joe when you get home? That's where Smarter's new WiFi Coffee Machine comes into play. The device lets you remotely brew individual cups through an Android or iOS app, complete with scheduling. You can have it wake you up when your coffee's ready, and it'll offer to grind and pour that beverage when you step in the door.

The WiFi Coffee Machine's price should be relatively reasonable at £100 (roughly $150) when it ships in March. However, it's not quite as smart as you might like. Much like the collaboration between Belkin and Mr. Coffee, Smarter's offering doesn't talk to home automation systems -- you can't start brewing when your heating comes on in the morning, for instance. All the same, this could be helpful if you'd rather not wait to warm up on a freezing winter day.

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