Sunday Morning Funnies: Unwelcome

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|01.04.15

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Unwelcome
Contested Territory
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: An innocent soul. Mr. Piggles. A tough choice. Plus: Cliff diving!

This week's comic list is a bit different than usual. As we rang in 2015 mid-week, we have everything from a countdown to the new year (at Away From Reality) to the beginning of a mini-series that will review 2014 (at Gnomeregan Forever). You will also find holiday wishes and good tidings scattered throughout, as we look forward to a new year of surprises and laughs and heart.

However, several comics are missing from the list because of the holidays. Fortunately, many are only expected to be out for about a week. From Draenor With Love and Experience Boost are both on a very short hiatus due to holiday travel. If you missed the holiday-themed artwork posted at FDWL last week, you should check it out! Plus, NPC will also return next week, at which point, hopefully Chloe is feeling less blue!

Finally, I do have one holiday treat to announce: Contested Territory posted the finale to Chapter 6! Of course, this means a planned hiatus while Chapter 7 is being produced (as usual), but this may also mean a slightly more regular updating schedule is in our future.

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