This Bluetooth thermometer patch could bring an end to infant ear violations

Since they don't yet have the power of speech, babies often have difficulty telling you when they're getting ill. For instance, if your munchkin starts running a fever in the night, you won't know about it until they start screaming, and sticking a probe into their ear won't make them very happy either. That's where TempTraq comes in, a thermometer in the form of a soft, stick-on patch that transmits your little one's vital signs straight to your smartphone.

The thermometer, which uses one of Blue Spark's thin, flexible batteries, will run for 24 hours and while it's intended for kids, can be used by people of any age. The gear will measure temperatures between 86 and 108.3 degrees Fahrenheit, and will offer up trend data to show if things are getting better or worse over time. In addition, you can hook up multiple units depending on how many kids you have, send the data to a doctor and even set alerts depending on when the temperature passes a certain limit.

The idea might be sound, but TempTraq isn't quite ready for general consumption just yet. That's because the FDA has to deem the product fit for use first, with approval expected sometime this year. That's also when we expect to hear about the all-important cost, though we'd imagine the patch would retail for a suitably accessible price given its simplicity.

Jamie Rigg contributed to this report.