D-Link wants to invade your home with security cameras and leak sensors

Night-vision baby monitors, pan-and-tilt security cameras and water leak sensors? D-Link's smart home product division loves CES, and an earlier connected home hub leak showed that it would be especially active this year. The company has formally revealed its first hub (the $80 DCH-G020) to support both WiFi and Z-Wave devices, along with some peripherals to go with it. As expected, it plugs into a regular router and lets you control a raft of either Z-Wave or WiFi accessories using the mydlink app for iOS or Android devices. Giving the hub some utility are the $40 Z-Wave DCH-Z110 open/close and $50 Z-Wave Motion sensors, along with the DCH-S160 WiFi water sensor and DCH-S220 WiFi siren ($60 and $50, respectively). All of those devices will be available sometime next quarter.

To complete the security picture, D-Link also revealed a new WiFi camera (the DCS-935L) and some kits. That camera features 720p resolution and night-vision video, and will come with the DSP-W110 smart plug and DCH-S150 motion sensor for $190. That'll give you remote system control using the mydlink app and free video recording on a network DVR or D-Link's cloud system. You can get the same kit with a DCS-5222L pan and tilt camera instead for $230, or the DCS-935L camera by itself for $120. All of that will arrive sometime this quarter.

Rounding out your convenience/paranoia needs is D-Link's DCS-855L WiFi pan and tilt baby camera. On top of tracking your kid's every belch in glorious 720p HD quality, you can track the tyke if he wanders from his crib thanks to panning and scanning functionality. It also provides night vision capabilities (up to 16 feet), and will even sing them a lullaby from an SD card. Other features include a temperature sensor, sound and motion detection and remote viewing from the mydlink Baby app. And the price for your toddler's safety, oh helicopter parent? $230 for the HD version, or $140 for a pan/tilt VGA model, with availability later this month.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.