Lenovo's E Ink fitness band is amazingly affordable for its looks

Yes, 'tis yet another fitness band featuring a curved E Ink screen, but Lenovo's Vibe Band VB10 is a much better looker than Sony's offering from four months ago. First of all, the main body here is actually wrapped in metal -- either black, gold or white -- to give it a more premium feel, but together with the rubberized strap, the VB10 weighs just around 30 grams, so you may easily forget that you're wearing it. And since it's an E Ink screen, Lenovo claims that you can get up to seven days of battery on a single charge, while the device continuously monitors your steps, calories, travel distance and sleep quality. Oh, and you also get notifications from your phone -- via Bluetooth LE -- on that handy always-on screen. Want one? Too bad, as this $89 waterproof smartband won't be coming to the US when it launches this April. Still, you might get lucky with an e-tailer that ships globally.

Dana Wollman contributed to this report.