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Nikon's D5500 is its newest mid-range DSLR

Nikon's D5500 is its newest mid-range DSLR
Edgar Alvarez
Edgar Alvarez|@abcdedgar|January 5, 2015 9:01 PM

It's been a while since Nikon introduced its D5300 DSLR, so what better time to upgrade that model than during CES 2015? Meet the Nikon D5500, the company's new DSLR, geared toward people who, perhaps, have just started to get into photography. Having said that, the D5500 is no slouch, and should have no trouble appealing to prosumers as well. Nikon's D5500 features a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor without an optical low-pass filter, aka OLPF, which is great for producing high-quality, sharper images. To tie it all together, there's a 3.2-inch, adjustable LCD touchscreen on the back -- an upgrade from the D5300. Nikon says the D5500 can handle up to 820 shots per charge with 60 percent flash usage, or 3200 without any at all. While it may look very similar to the D5300 from the outside, the D5500 is a definite improvement over its predecessor. It'll be available for $900 next month (body-only), and you'll have the option to choose between the traditional black hue or a spicier red.

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Nikon's D5500 is its newest mid-range DSLR