Seek Thermal helps your smartphone see in the dark

For as long as humanity has existed, it has sought to banish the darkness that surrounds us for half of each day. Fire, candles and the electric lightbulb have all done their part, and it's now time that thermal cameras join our pantheon of weapons. We've already seen some smartphone-based modules last year, and now Seek Thermal has joined the fray with its Android and iOS unit that joins to your smartphone and helps you see in the dark.

Once you've fired up the companion app, all you have to do is plug the device into your phone or tablets Lightning or microUSB port and away you go. Whereas rival product FLIR combines the images from both your smartphone and its lens to create a hybrid image, Seek decided to keep them separate - enabling users to swipe between the two for comparison. Specification-wise, the lens has a 32-degree field of view and can sense temperatures between -40 degrees and 330 degrees celsius. It's available right now for $199, just in case you want to role play as the Predator next time you're feeling mischievous.