Would you pay $1,099 for a Bluetooth speaker that keeps your beer cold?

One of Kickstarter's biggest successes was Coolest Cooler, a beer cooler and Bluetooth speaker that, inexplicably, raised more than $13 million in funding. Presumably it was that eye-watering figure that prompted Thomas & Darden to try and produce the Kube, which aims to outdo its rival in every way. Firstly, there's capacity enough to hold two cases of beer or six bottles of Champagne; a Bluetooth range of 50 feet; and sound that could be heard above the general cacophony of a CES trade show floor. That, however, is not the most eye-popping thing about this massive device; it's the price. If the headline hasn't given it away already, Kube will set you back $1,099.

Feature-wise, there's a wired power connection that charges a battery rated for 20 hours of life, USB for charging your device and a line-in port. The company wouldn't spill the beans on how the Kube's room-shaking sound is generated, but presumably it's some sort of hefty three-way speaker buried beneath the surface. Of course, the intended buyers for this product are people looking to entertain their friends outdoors. You know, the sort of people who can afford to spend $1,099 on a Bluetooth speaker and a beer cooler. It'll begin shipping around April or May, and the price, which we haven't mentioned before, is $1,099.

James Trew contributed to this report.