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Air Camera + lets you stream your iDevice camera to you AppleTV

Here's something a little different: Air Camera + (US$2.99) is a streaming app that captures the video and audio from your iPhone or iPad and streams it to your AppleTV.

Beyond that, the app allows you to add real-time effects like sepia tones or cartoon-type effects. The app supports both the front and rear facing cameras on any iDevice. Air Camera + also allows you to record the stream, then play it back later on your iPhone or iPad and stream it back to your AppleTV.

To get the app running, pull up your iOS controls from the bottom of your screen and select AirPlay and Mirroring. Then, whatever your camera sees, your Apple TV will as well. Of course you don't need the app to get video to the AppleTV using mirroring, but the recording and effect generation functionality comes from Air Camera +.

This latest version of the app also features a kind of fake 3D that can be viewed with red/cyan 3D glasses, but it's not going to be very realistic as you are only using one camera. The app lets you choose different resolutions for your streamed image... my older AppleTV only does 720P but the picture was very detailed. Streaming options also include 640x480 and 1920x1080. When you first start to stream, it may take several seconds for the video to appear on your TV, so don't give up.

I really couldn't think of a personal use-case for the app, but I'm impressed with the idea and some people may find this really helpful -- perhaps in a lecture hall or for viewing small objects on a large screen as part of some demonstration. I'm sure some creatives out there will find some really good ideas for this app.

Air Camera + is a universal app, and it's optimized for the iPhone 5 and 6 phones. It only requires iOS 6 or later.