HealthPatch MD alerts your doctor about heart problems in real time

What's more important than your health? Not much, we think you'll agree. The team behind HealthPatch MD certainly knows our well-being is top of most of our lists -- so it made the aforementioned product to help monitor it. HealthPatch isn't a fitness-tracking wristband or a home health accessory; it's aimed at hospitals, doctors and medical services. What is it? It's a small patch with a module that monitors heart activity (ECG), heart rate (and variability), respiratory rate, skin temperature, activity posture and even fall detection. What makes it interesting is that it's also a connected device, so you no longer need to go to a medical facility to be monitored. You can just go about your normal life.

Perhaps HealthPatch's most obvious benefit is its simplicity. Tear of the adhesive back; apply the patch; and just let the doctors do the rest (it sends your data to them via the cloud). The battery lasts for just three days, but the device is relatively inexpensive for hospitals, so they can be administered as needed. More importantly they can have constant, reliable data, helping them spot problems as they happen, and not just when symptoms occur. While the current version does all this in a very small patch, Vital Connect (the company behind it) has just developed a much smaller, far more powerful integrated circuit that will replace the existing technology in HealthPatch toward the end of the year (pending FDA approval, etc.).