You can play 2,400 classic DOS games in your web browser

If you're a PC gamer of a certain age (cough), you've probably lamented that many of the titles you played as a kid are hard to use on modern systems without downloading emulators or waiting for special re-releases. Well, it just got a lot easier to relive your gaming glory days. The Internet Archive's growing collection of web-based retro games now includes roughly 2,400 MS-DOS classics -- you can now play cult hits like Gods or Tongue of the Fatman in your browser. This won't quite recreate the experience of sitting at the family computer, of course. The project's Jason Scott warns that you can't save your progress on the web, and that some games could still "fall over and die" despite attempts to include only those programs that are likely to work properly. But look at it this way: even half-functional web emulation could prevent a much-loved game from fading into obscurity.