The smartest 'smart bed' auto-adjusts throughout the night

Responsive Surface Technology (ReST) is taking sleep tracking to its logical conclusion with its smart bed. The ReST bed, which debuted today at CES, features a proprietary smart fabric and sensors to track your sleep habits, and it uses that data to make sure the bed stays comfortable as you toss and turn at night. Within its mattress are 18 air sensors that constantly inflate and deflate based on your preferences -- be it something incredibly firm, or a mattress that's as soft as a cloud. We've already seen smart beds from Sleep Number, but the ReST is going far beyond mere sleep tracking. It's more like an ever-evolving sleep surface. But, as always, sleep comfort doesn't come cheap. The twin ReST smart bed will run you $5,000 when it lands in March, while the queen version will go for $7,000. It's also working on a king version with two independent sensing areas.

Laying on the ReST at first feels like lying on an intelligent water bed. It's easy to tell that things are moving beneath you, but unlike the sloppy form of most water beds, it changes precisely to make you feel more comfortable. It's hard to judge a mattress without sleeping on it for several nights, but the ReST initially felt about as comfortable as my Casper foam mattress.

ReST is one of many subsidiaries of Boditrack, a company that's been developing intelligent fabric sensors for some time now. The same technology is also used in sports for things like tracking your golf swing or potential concussions in helmets. As a representative explained, the company's big innovation has been developing a Lycra fabric with semiconductor properties. That allows it to expand and contract while still being able to spit out data -- which is ideal for smart beds.