Here's what you missed on the first official day of CES

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Sean Buckley
January 7, 2015 12:30 PM
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Here's what you missed on the first official day of CES

The doors opened; the masses piled in; and it began: Yesterday was the first official day of CES. It's perhaps the most frenzied day of the week, with hundreds of companies vying for attention within the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. So, what happened on the show floor yesterday? Check out the gallery below and find out.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]

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  • Faster, lighter electric skateboards
  • Dell's depth-sensing tablet is now available
  • Open-source virtual reality
  • Razer's Forge TV console
  • Sharp's free-form displays are coming to cars in 2017
  • Probably the most expensive phone at CES
  • The AirDog action sports drone
  • Drones with spatial awareness
  • E Ink's color-changing walls
  • Intel's button-sized solution for wearables
  • Pledging to hire more women and minorities
  • Shoot lasers at your pets when you aren't home
  • A 13-inch laptop that's almost as small as an 11-inch machine
  • This grill does the thinking for you
  • A bed with a monster detector
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