Nyko unveils Data Bank hard drive upgrade kit for PS4

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Nyko unveils Data Bank hard drive upgrade kit for PS4
Peripheral manufacturer Nyko unveiled its upcoming Data Bank accessory at CES this week, promising users a cheap and easy way to upgrade their PlayStation 4's storage capacity using a standard 3.5-inch desktop computer hard drive.

A year into the console's lifespan, PlayStation 4 owners may find themselves running short of space on the platform's included 500GB hard drive. While the PS4's stock drive can be swapped out with a larger-capacity 2.5-inch hard drive intended for laptops, upgrading can prove costly, given the increased price of 2.5-inch drives compared to 3.5-inch models.

Nyko's Data Bank sits atop the PlayStation 4 after partially removing the console's casing, and draws on the PS4's AC adapter to power an attached 3.5-inch hard drive. Nyko tells IGN that it's aiming for a "$30-$40 price range" for the peripheral. Compatible hard drives are sold separately.

[Image: Nyko)
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