Video: The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Experience CD

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh CD, courtesy of Max Piantoni

On January 7, 1997, Apple announced a completely revolutionary -- for the time -- Mac called the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM). The US$7,499 TAM celebrated the 20th anniversary of Apple's founding and was the first desktop Mac to use features that we now consider commonplace like an all-in-one design, a flat screen display, a trackpad, and a number of multimedia features. Australian artist and filmmaker Max Piantoni (@maxpiantoni) found one of the rare Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Experience CDs that accompanied the computer and created the video you see below to show how the CD was used to educate buyers about the remarkable device they had purchased.

While the Experience CD was primarily used to show how the many features (built-in TV and radio, external brightness controls), it's also notable for a long interview with none other than current Apple design senior vice president Jony Ive. It's fun to see a younger Ive -- with hair! -- outside of his usual featureless white box, talking about the design features of the TAM. Enjoy the video!