Report: Xbox avatars to get a facelift on Xbox One

Xbox avatars may soon return in an upgraded form on the Xbox One, PC platforms, and mobile devices, a pair of recent Microsoft job postings indicate.

"As we cross the threshold to a unified operating system and product experience across Microsoft, it is time to for Xbox avatars to also advance to the next level," the latter posting reads. "Come with us, as we take Xbox avatars on their biggest adventure yet in new Xbox experiences. You will be part of the broader Xbox Experiences team, which owns the Xbox One Shell, and the Xbox experiences across console, desktop, slate, mobile, iOS, and Android."

Created by Microsoft-owned studio Rare, Xbox avatars made their debut as part of an Xbox 360 firmware update in 2008, allowing Xbox Live members to associate digital characters with their gamertags. Though avatars and purchasable customization items remain a focus on the Xbox 360, the characters aren't currently given the same treatment on the Xbox One, where they only appear as part of a gamerpic photo app.

"We're always looking for talented people to innovate now and in the future," a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer in response to a request for clarification. "We don't have any further comment on this or any other job posting."

[Image: Microsoft]