Samsung's curvy Galaxy Note Edge arrives at Verizon for $800

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is doubtlessly one of the strangest phones we've ever reviewed, thanks to that bent display. It took its time coming to the US, but is finally available from the nation's largest operator, Verizon. The biggest drawback to the engineering wonder is the stupendous price tag of nearly $950 at AT&T, but Verizon is doing quite a bit better. It's offering it for $400 on-contract or $800 unlocked, which is admittedly still expensive as hell. But the novel screen is pretty unique -- the curved edge can display notifications, app shortcuts and other useful info. Apart from that, it's essentially a Galaxy Note 4 right down to the stylus, which we like even more than the iPhone 6 Plus. You can now grab the 32GB model in any color you like, as long as it's "charcoal black."