Toshiba's Virtual Fitting Room doesn't have menswear

Toshiba was demoing its Virtual Fitting Room at CES this year. The premise is simple: Stand in front of a large display while your image is projected on it. Using a Kinect for motion tracking, Toshiba's software is able to superimpose various outfits onto your reflected self. Hold your right hand up to change outfits and your left to snap a selfie, which the software then throws up as a QR code so you can grab your pic. Typical of this type of virtual thing, the clothes tended to wiggle about and were a bit ill-fitting, but they were women's outfits, so we'll give them a break there. We can see practical applications for trying clothing combinations without having to use a dressing room if you're in a hurry, for example. Though, we don't think using it for sizing would be useful at all, which is a large part of a fitting room's job.