One Shots: Black sheep, black sheep


What in-game pet means the most to you? To reader Derrick, it's a special black sheep in Mabinogi that's snuggled its way into his heart.

"I'm an Aries in real life and always liked the symbolism of rams in culture, so my first pet after my mount was a black sheep named Tanngrisnir," Derrick submitted. "It's now no longer available in the store and is a bit of a rarity. Over the years playing, I managed to find a black sheep balloon, puppet, and a pair of ram horns to complete the look, along with a black sheep title (not shown). It's helped out not just by providing my wool for tailoring; in my early days, Tanngrisnir was always willing to take a hit or two to distract enemies."

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags of loot full. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'll be better after the break!

Hey World of Warcraft players, how are you liking your garrisons these days? Have they gone from being these alien locations to your new virtual home? It's weird to me to think that garrisons are a part of the game, now and (presumably) forevermore.

Reader David sent in this picture of himself and his friend hanging out in his garrison before going on to conquer the world. Good luck, man. Me? I would just stay home and let my followers do it for me.

I can't remember the last time we got a Mortal Online picture sent in, and you know how it thrills me to see games outside of the regular line-up. Reader Joey combined an epic pose and memorable scenery to put together this screenshot.

"A few members of my guild, the Sentinels of Somaku, were exploring the western part of the map due to rumors floating around of some new additions. We then came to a long bridge that had not been there before. We explored all around the bridge, traveling as far as we could out by sea. "We all wondered what would be on the other side. New lands for sure, but what else? What would they look like? And what would there be to explore and plunder? We would sadly have to wait until the next big patch comes out, which will bring in a new continent to the world. Until then, we just have to wait," Joey said.

Are you a sucker for an armor-clad knight amid a starry-clad night? Then boy howdy is the next picture for you. This comes to us courtesy of reader Deger, who posed in Final Fantasy XIV with his Gladiator Rhys.

It's the end of the article, and you know what that means: time for our weekly screenshot challenge! I'm feeling quirky this week, so why not send in a pic of your favorite in-game bartender or innkeeper? And yes, a player bartender would be acceptable as well.

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