GE's super-fast CT scanner could save lives, definitely makes gory GIFs

Few people enjoy having a CT scan. In a bleak hospital room, you have to lie flat on your back as a huge circular scanner shoots focused X-rays through your flesh and bones. The entire process can feel a little intimidating, which is why GE Healthcare has come up with the Revolution CT: a whisper-quiet and super-fast scanner that could make medical appointments a little quicker and less stressful for patients. The new machine, which is being trialled by the West Kendall Baptist Hospital in Florida, can capture an entire heart in a single beat, where each rotation takes just 0.28 seconds. That speed, combined with better contrast detection and noise reduction, could also reduce the doses of radiation required in each scan, potentially easing people's fears. In addition, none of these advancements should compromise the quality of the final 3D images -- to prove its point, GE Healthcare has released some kinda gross, but undeniably beautiful GIFs of people's innards.

[Image Credit: GE Healthcare]