Watermark Plus adds watermarks to your photos quickly and easily

Watermark Plus ($19.90) is a nifty app that pros and others wanting to protect their digital image creations will appreciate.

You can create watermarks on your own, or use any of several templates provided. The app supports JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG formats. You have control of position, font, opacity and colors. Even better, you can apply your watermark to hundreds of photos at once by dragging a folder over a target on the app screen. If the photos are of varying sizes, the app places the watermark in the right place -- a lower corner, top centered, whatever you choose.

The app also supports inserting EXIF data into your images in any way you specify including -- of course --the date.

I tried the app on a large folder of images and it worked as well as I expected. Not everyone will need watermarks, but as we increasingly send our pictures to photo sharing sites and the web in general, watermarking becomes more and more important.

Watermark Plus also allows you to batch resize photos by width, height, percentage, or fit to a particular size. The app will also convert your photos from one format, like TIFF for example, to JPEG or any other supported format.

All in all, Watermark Plus is a handy application for both professional photographers and people serious about keeping some control of their work.

The app is available by download from the developer's website, not the Mac App Store. It's currently $10.00 off the usual list price of $29.90.

Help is included in the app, but it's really not that difficult to run.