The fascinating, frightening drones and robots of CES 2015

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The fascinating, frightening drones and robots of CES 2015

At CES 2015 you could hardly turn your head without smacking into a 4K display, but finding a robot companion takes a bit of legwork. Luckily, we trolled the halls of the LVCC and beyond to find the most exciting (and often frightening) advances in unmanned technology. From drones that track you through the desert to an Android employee with lifelike expressions, check out the video and photo tours below to witness the fascinating future of robots and drones at CES 2015.

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Gallery: Meet the robots of CES 2015 | 9 Photos

  • Toshiba Chihara
  • Furo-S
  • Furo iHome
  • GrillBot
  • EcoVacs RayBot
  • Lowe’s OSHBot
  • Paro
  • Yukai Bocco
  • Intel Spider Dress

Gallery: Meet the drones of CES 2015 | 8 Photos

  • Foldable drones are convenient drones
  • Mechanized landing gear is the future
  • Six propellers are better than four
  • Nobody wants a drone to the face
  • Sensor-laden drones know exactly what's around them
  • Video from above
  • The tiny drones are coming!
  • Swarms of tiny drones are coming?
The Robots of CES 2015 in Less Than 60 Seconds
The Drones of CES 2015 in Less Than 60 Seconds
Photos by Will Lipman, video by Blake Hamilton
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