Apple is suing another tech company, drink!

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With Apple's Samsung troubles winding down and a potential settlement reached in that whole anti-poaching brouhaha, the company's legal staff obviously needed something else to work on. Apple was happy to oblige and has now set its sights on Swedish tech firm Ericsson. Apple's suit centers on Ericsson's massive collection of wireless patents and, more specifically, the claim that Ericsson's LTE patents are not a crucial part of the wireless standard and do not warrant the hefty royalty payments that the company has been collecting.

At present, the royalties for Ericsson's LTE patents are calculated based on the overall price of a device, be it a phone or tablet. Apple's hope is to get that changed, and to have the royalty percentage calculated based only on the value of the specific hardware component that actually uses that technology, which would bring the fee per-device down quite a bit.

The case was filed in Northern California, and is still in its preliminary stages, so there will most definitely be further news on this as it progresses.