Firefox makes video chat simpler, launches Marketplace for desktop

It looks like Firefox is done beta-testing the simpler, no-frills version of its "Hello" video chat feature. The latest stable Firefox comes bundled with the updated WebRTC function, which was first released as part of its experimental beta browser in December. First time you've heard of Hello? Most people would've chosen Skype, Hangouts, or another chat app as their default by now, so we wouldn't be surprised. Hello is an in-browser video chat function that Firefox launched last year, but since it supports WebRTC, it'll work even if your chatmate uses Opera or Chrome instead. The public first saw it in October 2014, but the newer version eliminates steps needed to start chatting with friends and family.

On Firefox 35, you only need to find the smiley icon on your menu, click it and then start a video or audio conversation. If the other party doesn't have a Firefox account, you can copy and/or email the convo's link that they can click. Easy as pie. Whether you'll actually get to use it -- what with your friends already married to other chat apps -- is another story.

Other than Hello chat, Firefox 35 also comes with an easy way to share links via email and social media in the form of a paper plane icon on the menu. Finally, for those fond of living on the edge (aka beta testers), Firefox for Marketplace is now in beta for the desktop. It used to be accessible via the browser's Android and Firefox OS versions only, but now its developers need your help testing it out for Windows, Mac and Linux.