Civ: Beyond Earth, Saints Row series free to play on Steam this weekend

Space may be the final frontier, but we're still searching the mean streets of Steelport for an auto-tuned best buddy of our own. On Steam this weekend, why not have both for free? Civilization: Beyond Earth and the complete Saints Row franchise is free-to-play, giving you a chance to explore the darkest reaches of the universe and some depraved humor.

Free play periods for both will end on Sunday at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific). To access the game, install them from your Steam client library.

As part of the promotion Civilization: Beyond Earth will be available for sale at a discounted 40 percent off its regular price – down to $29.99. The complete Saints Row franchise is on sale for up to 80 percent off, available for $10.99. Sale prices end Monday at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific).

[Image: 2K Games]