Google's Classroom app lets students submit homework on their phones

Remember when you forgot to bring your homework that one time and Mr. Jones from sixth grade wouldn't believe you didn't just slack off? If Google's new Classroom app existed back then, you could have just asked someone at home to take a picture and submit it through the application. Yup, Google has just released an iOS and an Android Classroom app, and it does a couple more things other than giving you the option to take pictures of your (or your kids') assignments to submit. When installed on a phone, it comes up along with the list of apps you can share with from within another program. You can, for instance, upload drawings or PDFs from within an art app or Google Drive. It also caches its contents upon launch, so teachers can access a student's work even offline.

Other than the new mobile app, Classroom for desktop now shows teachers a list of assignments, giving them a clear view of what they've already reviewed and what they've yet to look at. Even the most competent educator can get overwhelmed by years of student-submitted work, though, so teachers can now archive past classes in the program if they want.