The NBA's first 4K broadcast unfortunately involves the Knicks

The good news is that what might be the first Ultra HD broadcast for a game from one of the major US sports leagues is happening right now. The bad news? That 4K game involves the currently 5 - 35 New York Knicks playing the Milwaukee Bucks in the UK. Also Sports Business Daily reports you can't really watch it, unless you're in the UK and have an invite to the O2 arena to see it, or are inside the NBA HQ in New York City. A BT Sport press release notes a deal with the league to show more games in the UK and Ireland, which includes the production of games in 4K. While we'd love to see what otherworldly trick Giannis Antetokounmpo will have for us next, for now we'll have to handle watching it in mere HD on NBA TV, where the Knicks are currently down by 20 points.

Update: Multichannel News got a look at the stream in New York, and reported that while 4K "provided real courtside vistas" even a few million more pixels couldn't fix what's wrong with these Knicks. They lost the game, 97 - 75.

[Image credit: Randy Belice via Getty Images]