This iPod prototype will set you back $4,495

ipod prototype ebay

Prices on classic iPods saw a bit of a spike once Apple silently put an axe in the beloved media player but you might need to take out a loan if you're hoping to bring home this particular piece of Apple history. Currently up for bids on eBay is a supposed 4th generation iPod test unit, complete with its tracking stickers still in place.

The iPod, which is currently priced at a hefty US$4,495, is engraved with the letters "DVTS" which, according to the seller, stand for "Design Verification Testing." The labels affixed to the unit supposedly helped to track the iPod's progress through assembly and testing. The photos included on the listing show that the iPod is functional, but even if it is a prototype test unit, at the end of the day it's just a 4th generation iPod, and an extremely beat-up one at that.