Get delightfully lost with this route-enhancing motorcycle sat nav

We love a bit of "Choose your own adventure" action, and if a recent Twitter game is anything to go by, so do many of you. The problem with most formats is that they're, well, embedded in a book, or behind a screen. What if you could straddle your Harley, twist the throttle, and go on a real-life adventure? With TomTom's new RIDER bike-centric sat nav, you can. It's actually more about spicing-up an otherwise boring A to B route, than solving The Mystery of Chimney Rock. Or, as TomTom puts it: "bikers can choose the level of twists and turns they want to ride to create their own adrenaline-filled adventure." It does all that other sat nav stuff, too (audio navigation, glove friendly screen, route planning) of course. But hey, now that you can finally afford that Enfield, it's time to soak up whatever those Delaware back roads can throw atcha, right? Adventurers will have to wait until April though, when the RIDER becomes available for an as-yet unspecified price.