Cree's affordable smart bulb works with Zigbee and Wink home hubs

Sure, being able to control your lights using an app is cool and all, but smart bulbs are typically (frustratingly!) expensive. If you don't mind getting basic features on a basic bulb, though, Cree has a new $15 option now out at Home Depot -- that's the same price as GE's Link Bulbs and a lot cheaper than, say, Philips Hue models. You can't change its colors and use it as disco lights, but you can dim, brighten or schedule it to switch on at a specific time through the accompanying iOS and Android app. Also, the company claims it's shatter-proof despite the price point and can last for up to 25,000 hours. It still needs to be connected to a Wink or a ZigBee hub to work, which means more $$$ if you don't have either yet. But if you already own one of those hubs, Cree's connected bulb doesn't sound like such a shabby choice.